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Who We Are?

About Vdrive IT Solutions

With a unique approach and distinct IT structure, we at Vdrive meet all your IT needs quickly and efficiently.

Our Vision

Our visions travel beyond horizons. We dream to become the World’s leading innovation IT consulting firm.

Our Mission

Deliver highly responsive and asset based business solutions that bridge our client’s execution gaps.

Team Work

Our team incorporates successful business experts from all industries who have spent their life negotiating the changes necessary to keep their corporate ship on the exact course.

Why Join Vdrive

At Vdrive, we have focused and fine tuned our working culture towards worthy, top-notch contributors, whose delivery feeds into LGn excellent perfected product and thereby achievement is a byproduct that we don’t strive for, but eventually land at.

We comprehend that every individual is shaped differently by the force of Nature. What we show is the path to adapt,acknowledge and tread through the path of a career in IT with a careful and willing eye on the background and passion of an individual.

We provides competitive salary and benefits for its employees, including multiple benefits.

Our Services

IT Services

It’s always a challenge to achieve the high-level of IT services and deliver the top head comprehensive solutions to clients…..

Bussiness Intelligence

Business Intelli Solutions empower the user to make smart decisions on how to manage risk and optimize customer profitability based on identified patterns and scores.


Cloud computing is the delivery
of computing as a service rather
than a product. whereby shared
resources, software and

Mobile Application Development

We designs and develops Android smartphone and tablet applications for great businesses

Team Work

Our team incorporates successful business experts from all industries who have spent their life negotiating the changes necessary to keep their corporate ship on the exact course.

Big Data

Our Big Data Strategy Consulting experts have not only worked on key technologies and tools which are leading the Big Data ecosystem but have also developed frameworks and solutions.

Application Services

We deliver Application Services that help our clients create more value for the business, improve efficiency through IT systems and reduce costs.

Technology Solutions

As companies struggle with diminishing margins, quick moving technology and customer experience organizations are forced to make the most of the technology available.


Automation is revolutionizing the way businesses function, bringing in such vigor that it has caught the attention of organizations from around the world………..

What our customers says


“I place the highest value on my relationship with Work IT Solutions”. Over the years they have exhibited they highest level of expertise and professionalism. They go above and beyond to insure the customer is 100% satisfied”


“I truly appreciate their business approach and give them my highest recommendation. They are truly outstanding organization. They know their stuff and can be relied upon to get the job done right the first time.”

About Us

The drive of a rapidly evolving team, combined with driven individuals all focused on the final goal with no leeway for a quality dip are vital factors for the delivery of IT projects to meet the demands of the day. Vdrive IT Solutions as our name stands is an American based IT consulting firm which focuses on real value addition by motivated and well driven, focused individuals.

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